The Captured, The Sick, and the Dead

The Captured, The Sick, and the Dead

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A well-researched and engaging account of a little-known aspect of Civil War history: Confederate soldiers as prisoners of war in Wisconsin.  

Summary: In 1862, twelve hundred Confederate soldiers were incarcerated at Camp Randall, a former Union training camp in Madison, Wisconsin. Conditions were poor and death rates were high.  Many of the men were interred in northern graves, far from their homes. 

Author Laurence Desotell first investigates the backgrounds of these men, including their sentiments towards slavery. He recounts the movements of their regiments and the circumstances that led to their capture by Union forces. With careful documentation, the author explains the miserable conditions at Camp Randall. Finally, Desotell turns to a topic with great relevance: how to remember and acknowledge those who fought for the Confederacy without championing their cause.

Hardcover. 432 pgs. Includes Appendices and Index