Words, Women,and Wednesdays, by Bonnie G. Buchanan

Twelve literary minded women in the early days of Appleton, Wisconsin began a literary study club that has continued uninterrupted for 138 years.  In this careful and thorough study of these twelve historical women, Buchanan shows them to be women whose strength, talents, faith, and civic-mindedness were crucial to the  development and culture of Appleton as it exists today.  In the late 1800's as Appleton was expanding, these women  became friends who took their study of literature seriously. But more than that, they helped to expand Lawrence University, found a public library, consolidate public schools, fight for temperance and suffrage, preach sermons, write books, and teach art classes.  These are stories that have been overshadowed by other founders, but Buchanan aptly brings them to life in this book. 

Release date: mid August

Price $24.  Pre-orders are possible.