Publishing Services

Publishing Services

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There are basically three routes in the publishing industry: 1) find a traditional publisher who, if they select your manuscript,  will absorb the costs and pay you royalties when your book sells. This often is a tedious process to find a publisher who will accept your book, and many people  suggest finding a literary agent to assist in this process.

2) A second option is to self publish.  This is getting easier, but there are many steps involved. One advantage: you'll have control over all the decisions. You'll pay for all the costs, take the risks, and do the work of distribution and marketing, but you'll keep all the profits when your book sells. 

3) The final option is  to query a hybrid publisher like Sand Beach Press, or query us!   It's possible your project might be a good match for our growing list of titles. We are small and somewhat selective. Our experience so far has been memoir, poetry, and children's picture books.  We are happy to discuss a book project with you and find out if your book is a good fit for our company. If we do "take you on," we'll advise  along the way, help with design and print decisions, and assist with marketing strategies. 

Prices vary depending on the genre and print run of your book, but expect to pay us between $1000-$5000.